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From Spain - Lurdes Bergada

August 13 2019 – Mandy Passmore


Whilst on a family holiday in Spain, I saw this brand and immediately thought it had an Australian-esque feel about it - not so serious, a bit of fun and not 'over-designed'.

Lurdes Bergada is a go-to brand in Spain, worn well throughout Europe, Russia, Japan and the USA. I think you'll enjoy the trans-seasonal fabrics and functionality of the garments which are exclusive to Tiffany Treloar in Australia.

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A bit of history...

Lurdes Bergadà, Barcelona 1950, taught herself to make her own clothes with no aims other than dressing in her own style. Her career took off in the 70's, when people started asking her "who she was wearing"! Lurdes Bergada's clothes are in harmony with her identity and for this, she uses natural materials and soft colours, never strident designs.