Introducing CASHMERISM

Posted on April 04 2017

Introducing CASHMERISM


CASHMERISM is an attitude. We will not compromise for anything less than fabulous.

CASHMERISM exists because we want you to enjoy the ultimate luxury, the best quality materials along with ever-evolving creativity and style without spending a fortune.

We care about every moment you experience with your cashmere.

CASHMERISM wants to be there as a pair of mittens holding an umbrella on a chilly rainy morning. Cashmerism wants to be there to wrap you tight during your long-haul flight. CASHMERISM will softly drape on your shoulder in style when hot days turn into cold nights. CASHMERISM wants to add a touch of joyful character to complete a monochrome outfit...

Loves quality
Loves colour
Loves creativity
Loves to please
Loves to comfort
Loves to give
Is made of Love


CASHMERISM sources the best cashmere from cashmere goats raised by local herders in Inner Mongolia. In the vast highlands of Inner Mongolia, the cashmere goats live a carefree and happy life away from all the disturbances of the world.

In the springtime, the herders and their family members collect the cashmere from the goats using a special long comb. Using this comb making sure that only the finest under fleece of the goat is collected. What makes cashmere so precious? Other than its extremely soft, lightweight and warm qualities, the fact that so little cashmere can be harvested from one goat makes it the most scarce and precious natural fibre in the world. 

Our factory and its workshop has been making and perfecting the art of cashmere for almost 30 years. From scratch, the cashmere fibres will go through 15 meticulous processes. 

1.The raw cashmere fibres are cleaned and dried, and any debris is removed.

2.Our colour lab mixes up new colours and makes colour swatches. 

3.The fibres are dyed and dried.

4.The dyed fibres are then carded - a process in which the the loose fibres are laid flat and arranged to run the same direction before being pulled into rope-like cords called slubs. 

5.The slubs then go through a combing process, where shorter fibres are eliminated, and slubs are pulled into finer strands.

6.The strands are twisted and spun to become the final yarns ready to be knitted.

7.Depending on the design, a garment can be knitted by hand, machine or a combination of both. Each part of the garment is knitted separately.

8.Separate parts of the garment are then joined together seamlessly using a linking machine.

9.More complicated details are finished by hand.

10.Each garment is checked against a mannequin for quality.

11.Flawless garments will be washed in order to relax the yarn for superior fluffiness.

12.Garments are dried and are now soft and fluffy.

13.Garments are pressed ready for their final check.

14.Each garment is then individually checked before being labelled and finished.

15.Finished garments are carefully packed and ready for shipping. 

 For more info visit the Cashmerism website.

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