• lurdes-bergada

    From Spain - Lurdes Bergada

    August 13 2019

    Whilst on a family holiday in Spain, I saw this brand and immediately thought it had an Australian-esque feel about it - not so serious, a bit of fun and not 'over-designed'. Lurdes Bergada is a go-to brand in Spain, worn well throughout Europe, Russia, Japan and the USA. I think you'll enjoy the trans-seasonal fabrics and functionality of the...

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  • Announcing - MASNADA PLUS @ Tiffany Treloar

    Announcing - MASNADA PLUS @ Tiffany Treloar

    July 24 2019

    Where PLÛS stands for: quality comfort another collection an additional artisanal value a new approach for an original capsule collection from the Masnada company a new addition to Tiffany Treloar When I was in Paris recently, wandering down a typical Parisian side street, I was drawn into the Masnada showroom by the colour and fabrics. Rarely, if ever, had I...

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