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About Rundholz

Based less than an hour outside of Cologne, Germany; Husband and wife duo Carsten & Lenka Rundholz have been producing considered clothing since 1993. The blending of the two artists creative sensibilities leads to inventive silhouettes, supple fabrications and as always, immaculate quality.

Rundholz Studio Mainline is the brand's signature collection. Known for its use of experimental fabrics and pushing the boundaries of silhouette, cut and design. Architectural and blisteringly modern as much wearable artworks as they are garments.

Debuting in 2006, Rundholz Black Label merges unconventional cuts, whimsical details with a sculptural quality to make garments that are intelligently stylish and a pleasure to wear. Thoughtful and chic, Rundholz presents Black Label as the core of an enviable wardrobe.