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Springtime in the garden with 'Murphy OBE'

October 17 2019 – Tiffany Treloar

Years ago, my partner Richard Cornish photographed Mrs Gooch's Garden near Daylesford which became a beautiful silk print dress, scarf and tote bag. My love for her garden drew me back again only recently, for a wander through the Dahlia's, dodging the sprinkler and Hills Hoist for a play with 'Murphy OBE'.

Murphy OBE (One Bung Eye) was more like a cat than a dog - he certainly lived his nine lives, often being rescued deep down a well a few days after he'd gone missing. With his One Bung Eye, Murphy wasn't much of a hunting dog, but preferred to sniff out some other mongrel's catch from the bottom of Mrs Gooch's Garden to proudly present on the back porch. He knew how much the garden was loved by all and was gallant in his duty to deter all predators. 

Moving on, sadly Murphy OBE met a very sad and emotional end. This new print is my tribute to Miss Mary's Murphy OBE. I hope you enjoy Murphy's garden as much as he did.  RIP Dear Murph.