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Waste Not, Want Not!

September 23 2014 – Tiffany Treloar

I love using up the scraps we get when we make our garments. I turn them into limited edition garments, AKA upcycling. These are only available in my two Melbourne stores and here online

What do we mean by waste?

We always do our best to minimise wastage, but when we cut garments for production, we will always have scraps and pieces of leftover fabric. So we like to use them up.

Once we have collected enough leftover pieces, we (very carefully) cut a few limited edition garments in the studio, using the great shapes and styles we’re good at and maximising the best parts of the prints. Occasionally we may need to use a bit of new fabric as well, but at least 90% of any one garment will be made from upcycled waste fabrics. Then we have them made up by our usual Melbourne makers.

Truly limited numbers

When we say limited, we mean limited – maybe two, four or ten garments only – sometimes even one-offs! It all depends on the scraps we have available.

The limited editions are exclusive to Tiffany Treloar: you can only buy them in our two retail stores in Melbourne, or on our online store. So if you see something you like, you need to get in quick!