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Artists for Kids Culture - Art Auction 2022

October 19 2022 – Tiffany Treloar

Artists for Kids Culture - Art Auction 2022
Artists for Kids Culture - Art Auction 2022

I love being involved with this event! This years (AKC) Art Auction is on the 16 November at Memo Music Hall. More details to come!


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AKC Auction 2021

17/11/2021, 4:30 pm

Girl by Judi Singleton, 2021

Designed by Tiffany Treloar for Artists for Kids Culture.

Print vinyl PVC shopping tote. Zero-waste, made in Melbourne Tote Bag.

40x40x24cm (plus handles)

AKC Art Auction 2019

17/10/2019, 1:36 pm

For the second year running, I will be contributing to the Artists for Kids Culture (AKC) with my limited-edition, much-loved, zero-waste, designed and made in Melbourne, Tote Bags!

Last year's bags SOLD OUT on the night of the Auction raising much-needed funds for AKC.  This year, the designs are:

Growler by Adam Cullen, 2012

Bill Kelty & Bob Hawke by Martin Kantor, 1987

Untitled Red by Peter Fergusson, 2012