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Poetry on Wool - scarves by Karien Belle

February 07 2019 – Mandy Passmore

Poetry on Wool - scarves by Karien Belle
Poetry on Wool - scarves by Karien Belle

Karien Belle is a South African designer, living between Cape Town, Paris and Delhi, now available at Tiffany Treloar!

Karien Belle scarves are a beautiful combination of instinctual design and careful artistry, a spontaneous sketch transformed into these lovely eye-catching poetry scarves. Made with the finest linen's and cotton’s using acid free dye, each piece carefully hand embroidered in a Fair Trade unit employing widows

Karien Belle beautiful hand-made and hand-embroidered scarves with spiritual texts are wonderfully versatile. They can be worn as a shawl, wrap, scarf or even draped over furniture as a colourful throw.


"My collection is produced in a fare trade unit employing widows and HIV positive ladies, my team work under great conditions and are very well cared for.  All collections are unique, handmade and not two pieces are the same.  Most fabrics are hand loom, meaning handwoven and I try to use only natural dyes where possible. Poems are collected from all over the world, all my favourite poems."

Karien Belle