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Recycled PETfabric Prints

October 18 2022 – Tiffany Treloar

Recycled PETfabric Prints
Recycled PETfabric Prints

Using Eco-friendly materials is an essential part of our environmental values.

Our Spring Summer Collection introduces two PETfabrics: a light Georgette for shirts & dresses + a medium weight Twill for skirts, pants and dresses. Digitally printed locally in Melbourne.


PET bottle recycling

Plastic bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a highly recyclable material.

  • Post-consumer plastics are cleaned, chopped, ground & melted into flakes.
  • A fire retardant chemical is added to the mix; the polyester chips are heated and then extruded into a yarn.
  • Polyester yarn is then woven into Fabric.