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April 13 2023 – Olly Boston

Porta Palazzo is Italy’s largest open-air market. It’s huge. Staggeringly enormous, filled with every shade of produce your hungry heart could desire. Between the seemingly endless tables, circling high above are the Caspian Gulls with their sharp eyes waiting for the chance attendee to leave a fish unattended before they swoop. SERIEN°UMERICA (S°N) have printed this view onto the most sumptuous matte silk. We’ve secured six of these beautifully designed pieces including one of the standout pieces, a full-length shirt style dress in each of the colour ways.
A shrug of a jacket in a mottled blue exudes that carefree, Torinian lifestyle may trick you. For something that looks so effortless it is a triumph of textile artisanship. The unique colour comes from the cold-dyeing process in which the garments are constructed prior to colouring which is done at an ambient room temperature. The result is a mottled yet rich colour that fades around the perfectly soft frayed seams. 

Speaking of Fraying. There is a lot of fraying in this collection, the S°N team have made sure of it. Sometimes fluffy like shearling or massaged delicately into fringe. 

Of course, S°N are most passionate about Knitwear. Three industrial knitting hooks are the brands logo, so you know they take it seriously. This season’s selection includes long cotton dresses, mesh like cardigans and layerable tops.

Currently available in our Flinders Lane boutique. Come in and see Helen and Olly for a full view of the range.