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Spring Summer 2016 Collection

August 30 2016 – Atlanta Treloar

Tiffany shares the behind-the-scenes inspiration for her Spring Summer range.

"I hope you enjoy wearing my Spring Summer range as much as I enjoyed creating it for you."


Ever wondered what inspires a designer to create magical work? Here, Tiffany offers some insight into the 'why' and 'how' of her creations.  


One morning, I was travelling to Flinders Street Station with my daughter, Ginger (12).  We were discussing the tiles which adorn the underpass, ramps and walkways and I explained that they're Heritage listed. Ginger can't understand why and says, "but they're ugly and all falling off!"  I decided to do a print story based around these tiles and began snapping away with my iPhone (thanks Steve Jobs!) aiming to turn something "ugly" into a beautiful print. As you know, Melbourne means a lot to me.  I've lived my whole life in Melbourne, my business is Melbourne-based and most of my range is made right here. I really love this print and plan to use it on anything from new silk shirts to my new tote bag collection, which soon to be launched. Stay tuned!


Atelier comes from the study of a glaze for a vase from the Modernist era.  These were the initial sketches for a print or painting - the project drawings of vases. The bright colours meant I could play with colour and the banana’s are a bit of fun (although you can't see them in this snapshot). I extracted the stripes from the bands on the neck of the vase to feature in the pattern.


It was good fun to use this hydrangea in a print.  It's an old illustration from a well-read botanical book that I regularly flick through. I love spending time in my garden and this reminds me that spring is sprung. A classic designer floral piece.


Pixelate was born from a computer-generated cube filter I developed in Photoshop. I was fiddling around with a Chinese silk-screen print with contained a yin and yang in the centre of the flower. After a quick muck around, I was on a roll and I think it ended up being fabulous. One of my many muses...


A Modern-Bohemian print, an old artwork with an Asian-inspired pattern. I cut out the pieces individually and made various scatter swallows. You will see the similar pattern in my ENYO range.



I had a bit of fun developing ENYO out of the scattered swallows in SWALLOW.